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MIRRORCLE ANALYSIS CENTER, Ltd. is an analytical company that provides various analysis services using the tabletop synchrotron "MIRRORCLE" and the electron accelerator "MIC" developed by Photon Production Laboratory. We are also conducting our original research and development using "MIRRORCLE" and "MIC", so please consult us. We can provide abundant know-how cultivated through research and development at the 21st century COE.

  Currently the most frequently inquired are non-destructive testing of high-energy X-ray CT of metal structures. It is an X-ray CT apparatus capable of transmitting 30 cm of iron, and we will deliver the world's highest resolution. It is possible to identify 250 μm defects by using "MIC", and can identify 20 μm defects by using "MIRRORCLE".

  In addition, the generated high-energy X-ray can be used as a light source for analysis, and it can be applied to X-ray fluorescence analysis, residual stress measurement, XAFS, small angle scattering, FTIR, and various other analytical techniques.



High Energy X-ray CT Analysis by synchrotron radiation

High Energy X-ray CT

Analysis by synchrotron radiation





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