Analysis service lineup

  1.  Residual Stress Testing »
  2.  Density distribution analysis »
  3.  Industrial X-ray CT »
  4.  NDT of Concrete »
  5.  Submicron X-ray microscopy CT »
  6.  XAFS »
  7.  THz spectroscopy »
  8.  X-ray Fluorescent analysis »
  9.  Small-angle X-ray scattering »
  10.  Biological X-ray microscope CT »



Flow of Contract Analysis


1 Please contact us by phone or email.

 Please send us the analysis content, sample, delivery date, troubles with analysis, technical questions etc.


2 We will present proposal of analytical method and estimate.


3 Ordering and sample provision


4 Experiment and analysis

 You can see the experiment.


5 We will send you a flash report by e-mail, fax etc.


6 After confirming the contents of the preliminary report, we will send the original together with the invoice and invoice.


7 Payment

 Please pay by bank transfer.

 If you wish, we will sign a confidentiality agreement.



Inquiries for commissioned analysis:


576-1 Anamura-cho, Kusatsu, Shiga 525-0012 JAPAN

TEL: +81-77-584-5513 FAX: +81-77-584-5523




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